Silvery Old Moon

Missing You 😘

It’s a thing we’ve gotten into over the years
It brings us closer it absorbs our fears
When yours have upped and flown the nest
And you’re not there to say what’s best

You look up at that silvery old moon
Whilst your still in your living room
It’s a telepathic warm kind of feeling
staring up at that star studded ceiling

Knowing they can see the same as you
Whether it’s full partial or new
That old moon brings us closer together
Sliding through clouds whatever the weather

Sometimes it’s hidden not to be seen
It’s still there though - just not so keen
So look up at the moon - its me giving you a sign
that You’ll always be in this heart of mine

Tonight I’ll look at that misty old moon
And wishing we’ll be together so soon
if you have a moment or thoughts of home
look out for that moon - you’re never alone May 2020

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