Sister – poems for loved ones 💕

For you June❤️

This shouldn’t be happening - there is no sequel
This only happens to other people?
You were too special, so precious to us all
But all too soon, she had her call

A massive hole in so many lives
You always knew when She arrives,
she loved to party the night away
Whether at home or, on holiday

Benidorm, Blackpool, Weymouth too
Fantastic times only, just too few
Family events, she also loved in her life
The grand and great grand children, when they arrive

Your life had its fair share of drama and stress
Her calm caring nature, would sort out any distress!
Can’t even describe, how much I shall miss her
Not only my best friend, but, also my sister

A Rainbow, a golden sunset, a starry sky
They connect to you Sis, they all apply
You worked so hard, to try to please
Love you so dearly, rest in peace ❤️

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