Road rage 😡

Geddoutamywaaaaaay 😡
Sits in his chair he falls asleep
But get him behind a wheel in the driving seat
its like he’s been plugged into the mains!
Adrenaline racing through his veins!!

Imaginary brake pedal, nearly hitting the kerb!
Though he tells me HIS driving is just superb!
The language could make the air turn blue
God help you if you’re in the wrong queue!

You must get in the right lane there’s NO second chances
Whatever your problem or circumstances
If you’ve missed your exit you won’t get another
You will have to go round again you, WILL suffer

Calling out names and gesticulating
All because of bad overtaking
Expletive language and blasting his horn
He’s gone past the point of no return!

Quoting facts from the Highway Code
‘’They should never be driving on the road!’’
I sit transfixed looking straight ahead
Its the traffic lights🚦 I used to dread

The time we would be at a standstill together
Didn’t do me much good with my blood pressure!
If eye contact made smile though gritted teeth 😬
Wishing the ground would swallow me up from underneath

It seemed an age before the lights turned green
So relieved If he didn’t cause a scene
Drivers like him should really be in a cage
I guess it’s just a touch of the dreaded road rage 😡 August 2020

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