Christmas 🎄 Shopping 🛍 List

The list goes on!!!!

I sat down to do a shopping list
and asked if there’s anything that I’ve missed
a BIG mistake, I never learn
I’ve opened up a can of worms

Can never usually get any response
But, as if by magic - everyone wants!!
waiting to catch me, I’m always a bit slow
They ‘contributed’ to my list - here we go…

Prosecco was mentioned more than once
Wool socks for uncle with high waist Y Fronts
something for their aloof weird daughter
Youth Dew Eau De perfum by Estée Lauder

The woman who comes to do nan’s feet
We usually get her some quality street
My hairdresser - couldn’t do without her
Chocolates and an Argos voucher

Then something for the next door neighbour
Something small - nothing major
Not forgetting the dustmen and postie too
Anymore? Then join the queue!

Just in case I forget and it’s too late
Some extra boxes of After Eight
Will keep some back just in case
They could be my saving grace

Barbie and her friends, Paw patrol
A mix for a turkey casserole
‘Don’t forget the best goose fat’
‘And something on the tree for the cat’🐈

The list gets longer as the family grows
Shouldn’t moan really, I suppose
This yearly list which I’ve been tasked
Seriously I wish, I’d never asked!!

Kim hicks December 2020

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