Christmas πŸŽ„ Time

Pretty lights

Purple skies, glistening snow
Christmas lights, softly glow
Meeting friends who - you hold dear
Family gatherings - far and near

This festive time of year feels magic
Silly season - emotions - tragic
Dog wearing antlers - tinsel around neck
The sound of music Ant and Dec

That one card you always forget to post
Tending to the turkey roast
Diets for the nephews and the nieces
Nut roast dinners and veggie pieces

Lots of embracing and lots of kisses
Catching up and reminiscing
Opening gifts 🎁 Excited shrieks
They’ve waited for this - for many weeks

Too much food - could easily burst
The board games though - they are the worst!
Some cheating going on - I have no doubt
But that’s what Christmas - is all about!

Kim hicks December 2020

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