Jack Frost ❄️

Ice to see you !!

A hard frost this morning
a sight to be seen
diamond 💎 crushed pavements
where Jack Frost has been

Rooftops in white
a cloudless blue sky
It’s hard to imagine there’s
a virus - as much as I try

Just for a moment the beauty
Stood still
And then, reality
Jumped in for the kill!

The dustbin men came
And shattered my peace
That smell of decomposition
It positively reeked!

Then it went downhill
As I carried on by
after the magic I saw
with that beautiful blue sky

Some women chatting
stood outside smoking
In nighties and slippers
I’m not even joking!

Amazing how quickly
Your bubble can burst
from seeing the best
To seeing the worst!

Kimhicksgmail.com January 2021

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