Dangerous Games

Let me decide what you’re thinking
What a time to be living 
no need for a prime minister
It’s all done now differently
and so very sinister

The days have long gone
when One gets elected
The big tech giants
have already selected

Don’t bother voting
It’s a full gone conclusion
Though emphatically denied
until it is proven

They’ll delete all your platforms
If you’ve conflicting views
They’ll deactivate your account
To deliver your news

Our new bosses now are
zuckerberg, Bezos, Pichia and Cook
making trillions of dollars
by cooking the books

Free speech has gone
and If your views aren’t compliant
You will be ostracised and bullied
by the ‘untouchable’ tech giants

They’ve now teamed up
with large company bosses
To stop your employment
If you don’t tick their boxes

Frightening times
We’ve had this before
It was the trigger point
For the Second World War

We’re doing it again
We just never learn
Mass immigration
Causing genuine concern

History repeating itself
almost Identical as before
Though this time we know
It’s impossible to ignore...

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