Prince Phillip 💙💎

Another fine mess!! 🤣

It’s the end of an era
for The king of all gaffes
It had to come sometime
...You do the maths

He was a rock to our Queen,
who shared his humour
we are so very lucky
he didn’t leave us sooner

The Queen will now
be lost without Phil
Don’t know now
If she carries on still?

I’m sure the family
Will rally round
wondering now
If Charles will be crowned? 👑

Kings and Queens
are as British as they come
Prince Phillip ‘The Greek’
Your work is done

We wonder now
How it will all pan out?
If the Queen was a tile
Phillip her grout

He was a joker
He loved to laugh
Teasing dignitaries
And most of his staff 😂

They stuck together
Through thick and thin
With so many problems
the family threw in

a fragile time for our Monarchy
hope it can weather this storm
We’ll see the royals come together
And hopefully see it reborn

There’s no way there’ll be another
‘Gaffe prone’ - Uncut diamond 💎
The PC brigade will put paid to that
as we’ve turned into ‘generation frightened’

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