You just CAN’T save the whole world 🌎

They just keep coming?

As much as we want to save the planet
and ALL the people it inhabits
It’s impossible... it can’t be done
Its clear you can’t save everyone

Women and children abused each day
In all walks of life, not having a say
they are left alone without a choice
only helping those with the loudest voice

the real ones in danger who can’t escape,
living in fear of violence and rape
I’m sorry and some just won’t agree,
genuine migrants aren’t guaranteed

It’s organised crime - a professional racket
for a dodgy boat and orange jacket
Some would say they’re not sincere,
of their intentions for being here

discarding the vulnerable weak and faceless
I’m sorry if you believe I’m a racist
helping the ones who need it the least
will only see channel crossings increase

We really need a different approach
To help the ones who need it most
Stop coming over on an opportune whim,
then trashing the accommodation you’re living in?

I don’t understand am I missing something here?
When some intentions are blatantly clear
They know the left will fight their cause
enforcing ‘loopholes’ in our laws

Why would you think it’s a good idea
To let half the world move over here?
If we let everyone in across the globe
It’s impossible ever build enough homes

You encourage migration for political gain
when REAL refugees suffer in pain
nothing will change as it’s incredibly hard,
when you keep bringing out that old racist card

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