Wee Nippy – Queen of Scots 👑🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Just won’t be happy until she’s wearing that tiara!!

She wants to stay with Europe
But not to stay with us
Personally I would let them go
and see how they adjust

They think that once they’ve left
The world will be their oyster
If the truth was really known
they’re trying to avoid her

I think her Judgment’s clouded
by her hatred for our flag 🇬🇧
She’ll end up dividing our country
Which I think is very sad 😞

You can’t deny her passion
She’ll be upgrading Hadrian’s wall
It’s really so unnecessary
and shouldn’t be needed at all

They’ve enjoyed the fruits of England
With prescriptions and education
do they believe it will carry on
after this acrimonious separation?

We might speak slightly different
still living on the same piece of land
We can’t separate for security
I’m sure you must understand?

It’s a shame you can’t be happy
and you just can’t stick around
We wish you the best of British
But... hands off our English pound!! 💷

Nicola’s on a mission
not stopping at ANY cost
She will never be truly happy
Until she’s crowned the Queen of Scots 👑

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