Good old Berni Inns πŸ’—

Prawn Cocktails!! πŸ’•

Remember the days you
went out to dinner, with
a glass of wine and a pint of bitter.

Traditionally it was always steak and
Chips, always a treat on our monthly

Prawn cocktail in a glass
was ALWAYS a must, little triangles
of brown bread without the crusts.

The Berni Inn was a special
Place, traditional food to fill
Your face.

Some go to posh places Just to be seen, paying
a fortune for their meagre cuisine.

Berni Inns did food filling
the gap, not little tit bits with
drizzle and crap.

Some have to feel they’re
up there with the β€˜Jones’s’, dreading the bill
as the waiter approaches.😱

Probably still hungry as they make their way
home.. and probably will have to take
out a loan!

Maybe we should stick to fish and chips
and give all these fancy restaurants a miss.

It’s obscene Just what these places
are charging, when there’s poverty, food banks
and people starving.

So, go to the chippie and fill yer boots.
Maybe it’s just me? .... and my northern roots? πŸ€”

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