Prince 👑 Entitlement

Prince 👑 party 🎉 🎈
Ginger Prince 👑 

I was born into this world
a reluctant prince 👑
and over the years
still wasn’t convinced

I want the money
and all the perks
But not to do any
‘Royal 👑 Work’

I like to party 🎈
And call the shots
enjoying the money
girlfriends and yachts 🛥

I really didn’t want
Stuffy royal duties
I haven’t got time
when partying with beauties

I’m no academic
and I have ginger hair
But as I’m so rich 🤑
The woman don’t care

Daddy’s not happy
he's stopped all my money
Lucky I had 20 million
left over from mummy

I’m really hard done by
It’s affecting my health
I need to do deals
To prop up my wealth 💵

I don’t think I’m selfish
Or a snivelling traitor
I can’t see it yet….
I’ll be regretting it later

Leaving the paparazzi
behind in Westminster
encouraging them here
as a Hollywood ‘A lister’

I hope I’m forgiven
When it all goes wrong
I can sneak back in the fold
If it hasn’t all gone?

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