There’s always Slimming World ❤️

A quick fix diet!! 🤣

Okay - so in lockdown
we’ve piled on some weight
been bingeing on junk food
and filled up our plate

We’ve ate what we wanted
on a holiday existence
trips to the fridge 🐽
apparently…very consistant 🤷‍♀️

We’re slowly coming back
Into a world ‘nearly normal’
where leisure clothes are replaced,
by something more formal

That’s when it hits you 🥊
You’ve piled on those pounds
scoffing away
With our head in the clouds ☁️

‘Don’t worry - I’ll sort it!’
there’s plenty of time!
as I kept eating junk food
and necking the wine 🍷

I sat and thought deeply 🤔
then the penny just dropped 💡
Of course!! there’s Slimming World!
I nearly forgot!

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