Fireworks πŸ’₯ and Animals 🐾

Spare a thought πŸΎπŸ’•

Now I enjoy a sparkler
and pretty twinkling lights
but not if it disrupts wildlife
and gives our pets a fright

Those deafening loud bangs
and frightening sonic booms
are upsetting our pets
In our living rooms

Some are so terrified
some are physically sick
Just so you can get,
your pyrotechnical fix πŸ’₯

It’s not just animals
If you really want the truth
It’s those living in cottages
with fire risk thatched roofs

There’s organised displays
In many fields and parks
which would shield them away
from any bangs or sparks

We’re all now more thoughtful
as we really love our pets
In this day and age
It’s what you might expect

So, if you must have fireworks
Could you please spare a thought
out there in your neighbourhood
Is a poor animal so distraught 😩🐾

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