That time of year again 😤

15 – 20 years commitment

A ruthless occupation
of cruelty and greed
Making stupid money
for the right kind of breed
Which one is popular
at this festive time?
we know it’s an illegal,
ruthless crime

They’re in it for the money -
get in quick
Selling mistreated pups,
some very sick
Unbelievable how some
humans behave
no hope no decency
no morals to save

A cold loveless life -
living in fear
In a dark place breeding
year after year
No one to love them -
as much as they plead
Complete solitude for months
- after the deed

Saw things you couldn’t
try to explain
This pups short life -
unhappiness and pain
Saw other dogs,
scared looks in their eyes
the hollow whimpers
and mournful cries

This can’t be right -
they have a right to live
They’ve got so much joy
and love to give
Why are some humans
devoid of compassion?
Its so unnatural -
I just can’t imagine

Harsher fines -
and they could be spared
a war on the abusers
should be declared.
Animals have a right
to a cruelty free life.
We must get this law
passed and applied

They could be saved
by humanitarians like you,
Giving real warmth and love,
so long overdue
They would love you for ever
for the rest of their days
with unbelievable trust,
and adoring warm gaze 💕🐾

Poetry - Totally

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