The New Highway Code (U.K.) 🤪

Gawd help us!!

Remember the days when cars were the thing
those vrooming V8s and the excitement they’d bring.
A time when You enjoyed being ‘King of the road’
not now - they’ve rewritten the Highway Code!!
Cars are now evil 👿 and should be extinct,
as we should all be pedalling, at least that’s what they think 🤔
Cycle lanes having priority getting longer and wider,
catering only for the smug pushbike rider.

Cumbersome tricycles with boxes and flags,
pedalled to school by mums or by dads.
Why do these men resemble Cat Weasel?
‘Anti’ just everything - now it’s petrol and diesel.
Pedalling away thinking they’re God
in shorts and sandals to their council run jobs.
Loving the power of being a pain
sadly their delusional claim to fame.

And then we have the serious biker,
who show off their ‘bits’ whilst squeezed Into lycra.
They have however, the same thing in common
- they don’t stop at lights, at least not very often.
Kids wearing headphones, glued to their phones,
already not looking when on their way home.
Now they don’t need to look out for themselves,
I see many accidents with tearful farewells.
What sense of responsibility does this message send?
They’ll keep alienating cars until they win in the end.
Let’s go one better - if we want to be smart
start over again with a horse and cart.😂🤣😂

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