We love our dogs! 🐾❤️💙

My four legged friend
who never judges
with the warmest brown eyes
and gentle nose nudges

Always so happy
with the waggliest tail
sometimes ferocious
attacking my mail 😱

Making me smile
with that sweet goofy face
then a turbo charged moment
dashing all over the place! 💨

Quiet time cuddles
belly rubbing sessions
tranquility restored
until ‘walkies’ is mentioned!

Off he goes again
like a bat out of hell
weeing in dribbles
and savouring the smells

They’re not for lightweights
who don’t handle commotion
but you’ll be so rewarded
with their lifelong devotion

Endless ball throwing
from a dedicated dog owner
they are also your rock
and loving consoler

Loyal to the end
as their love has no bounds
when you weren’t even looking
your best friend was found 🐾

F.B. Poetry-

Best friend ever! 🐾❤️

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