Say it now!!!

It’s a word we don’t use often enough
In a world of uncertainty and hate
sadly when we eventually do
It’s usually left too late

We need to say it today
as tomorrow has never been promised
It means so much to hear it
It’s what we want…..if totally honest

We’re a funny old lot us humans
too often ridiculously stubborn
our bond should last a lifetime
not severed all of a sudden

So If you mean it - tell them
because tomorrow maybe too late
they might already have left this world
leaving you with the biggest mistake

Spread the love generously
scatter it around like confetti
any arguments you’ve had in the past
seem trivial forgotten and petty

We’re all wired up differently
it’s impossible to agree it’s true
but just because You can’t agree
doesn’t mean they don’t love you

It’s much easier to say I love you
than goodbye forever instead
So ‘shout it from the rooftops!’
don’t leave this world unsaid

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