Mother’s Day (teenage style!🤣😂🤣) U.K

Happy 😆 Mother’s Day!!! ❤️

Hats off to all you mum’s out there
You’re worth your weight in gold
mine was always picking me up
all hours in the freezing cold!

I’m guilty of taking her for granted
and her opinion - I just couldn’t see 🤷‍♀️
the penny has dropped in later years
you deserve an M.B.E. 🏅

You did blow up occasionally
as I was rude selfish and mean
I’m truly amazed you put up with me?
are you still taking sertraline?

The teenage years were testing
you were pushed right to the limit
but I wouldn’t change you for the world
not for one second of a minute

You’ve loved me unconditionally
and I appreciate you every day
so I’m pushing out the boat this year
with the biggest best bouquet!! 💐

I could pop round and see you?
but the car won’t start - I’m stuck😙
I know I shouldn’t really ask ……
but.. could you come and pick me up? 🤣❤️

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