That trip to the Dentist 😩

Make that appointment!!!

Well, I’ve put it off now long enough
It’s time to bite the bullet
It’s now up to the jawsmith
to fill it in or pull it?

It started with a twinge
then cranked up to an ache
so now I’m in the dentist chair
with goggles on and cape

I involuntarily stiffen up
with more spit than I can swallow
will I have any teeth - when they’ve finished with me?
will I be in work tomorrow?

I try to think of calm things
and try and remember to breathe
It’s the same thing every 6 months
to clean and repair my teeth

My gums are now receding
my teeth more cream than white
I may invest in some whitener
so I glow in the dark at night 😁

Holding the chair so tightly
like a scary white knuckle ride
dribbling like a baby
from a mouth incredibly wide

I must keep up my appointments
put aside any fear or caution
as I have these reoccurring nightmares
that I’ve morphed…. into Les Dawson?

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