Princess 👑 Kitty 🐈‍⬛

Feed me nowwwwwww!! 🐾
Get over it I’m a princess 👑 

I demand to be fed
at my chosen time
If you’re in the kitchen
chicken is fine

It’s just my way
a gentle reminder
to make sure you know
you’re my dinner provider

I know you love me
and will grant me my wish
with a flick of my tail
get a nice piece of fish

I’ll stare at your face
to penetrate your soul
after all you’re my mummy
and you’ll fill up my bowl

When I’ve eaten
all my favourite food
It puts me in another
quite different mood

You see now I’m full
right up to the brim
I’m now ready for you
to tickle my chin

I know I’m bossy
and sometimes quite testing
my constant demanding
leaving no time for resting

I’m tired now
here’s my final stare
that’s the one when you get
out of my chair

Now I’m sleepy
I’ve eaten too much
I’m in princess mode now
please do NOT touch


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