Happy Heavenly Father’s Day 💙

Miss you pops💙
Brylcreem and Braces💙

A man of few words
but as sharp as a tac
a mind full of knowledge
any topic or fact

A quiet pint In the pub
dinner was 1 pm on the dot
If you were one minute late
all niceties were dropped!
The most placid of wives
turned into psychopathic killers
that’s why men were on time
and never late for their dinners

His black and white collie
sat faithfully at his feet
the odd dropped pork scratching
for the occasional treat
On the back of his hand
a large snort of snuff
to clear out his sinuses?
one was always enough!

I think of you often
the memories and places
but what sticks in my mind
is the Brylcreem and braces
“I miss you dad
and your faithful pup ‘Jess’
Happy Heavenly Father’s Day ‘pops’
You were one of the best”

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