Party like it’s the 70’s 🎉

A must have at a party!!
Party like it's the 70”s

Pineapple chunks and cheese
on cocktail sticks
shaped cleverly like a hedgehog
with bowls full of crisps

Prawn vol au vents
If you're pushing out the boat
drum sticks and chicken wings
fresh salmon... traditionally smoked

Sandwiches aplenty
every filling you could imagine
the salad hardly touched 🤷‍♀️
...It's never going to happen 🤣

Black Forest gataux
plus a celebratory cake
careful with those portions
on those flimsy cardboard plates

That uncle in his 50’s
reverts right back to his teens
thinking he's still got it
in his tight bell bottom jeans

Aunty in her party frock
loving the disco tunes
feet though taking a battering
in those sky high heeled shoes 👠

Kids on the ‘panda pops’
getting higher than a kite
jumping way too closely
to the colourful disco lights

That weird misfit cousin
who just can't take his drink
the world owes him a favour he seems to think 🤔

No need to book a taxi
as we still could drink and drive 😱
though the men were usually legless
and left it to the wife 😩

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