For ALL Dogs 🐾❤️💙

So loyal 🐾♥️💙

Couldn't care less
whatever your breed
you're all super special
for so many needs

You do incredible things
like helping the blind
sent up into mountains
for us idiots to find

You’re the first into danger
without a blink of an eye
you sniff out explosives
which could blow you sky high

You do all this selflessly
If you think we’re in need
just a throw of your ball
and you're incredibly pleased

You'd give up your life
without thoughts of your own
giving genuine love
which is constantly shown

We love you so dearly
you're so loyal and true
life would be empty
In a world without you 🐾

We could learn so much
from our 4 legged friends
who are there like a shot
If your life so depends

One thing I do know
and credit where due
us “superior beings”
are not worthy of you 🐾🐾🐾

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