Merry Christmas ❤️

Cheers!!! Good health! ❤️
Whilst you're decorating
your Christmas tree
It's a time for reflection
and memories
each bauble holds one
I hang them with pride
they're of loved ones who've left us
and some still alive

The tinsel’s still going
from decades ago
the angels now tatty
with a dusting of snow
The lights predictably tangled
no matter how much you try 🤷‍♀️
it's the same goblin doing this
who scoffed those mince pies

You're feeling quite emotional
it's called the ‘silly season’
when emotions run high
for sentimental reasons
It's a special time of year
when we should all be together
with more memory sharing
to last us forever

Some won't be here
for some stupid reason
a pointless silly argument
where both sides won't weaken
have a toast for lost loved ones
whilst your decorating your tree
here's to the memories 🥂
Merry Christmas 🎄 to all 🥰with love 😍 from me 💕

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