Insomnia 😩

The same old story
you go to bed
crazy thoughts
spinning around your head
laying there waiting
hoping you’re falling
listening to your other half
laid there snoring😼

when it’s late
and dark outside
your mind goes
into overdrive
tossing turning
back and forth
mind ablaze
with stupid thoughts

The night drags on
it seems forever 🙀
In daylight things
seem so much better
It doesn’t make sense but,
would appear
worries in daylight disappear?

In the day I can sleep like a baby 👶
but come nightfall …
even nytol can't save me
there's no way
I’m going off tonight
the demons are hovering
waiting to fight😫

They’re waiting for me
to stop me sleeping
to keep me awake
for no other reason
can’t they clear off
and leave me alone?
and not make this
a sleepless zone

Maybe I’ll change
and become nocturnal?
get rid of my eye bags
and black circles
but what can you do
staying awake all night?
just another dilemma
to add to my plight!😩

Kim Hicks©️

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