It’s looking 👀 dire 😫

One day!! 😂🤣😂

I’ve never been a trendsetter
and could never be described as ‘chic’
but looking in my wardrobe
it’s looking pretty bleak

Clothes now worn for comfort
and mainly to cover me bits
I’ve gone for flattening swing tops
as they’re the only ones which fit

When you’re a tad over sixty
and your invites are now drying up
You’ll probably be at home in your onesie
a wine glass exchanged for a cup

Shoes are ‘hotter’ or ‘pavers’
as we have to look after our feet
waistbands invariably generous
for comfort - though keeping discrete

My jeans no longer fit me
but I just can’t let them go
maybe I’ll wear them again one day
though probability’s very low

My clothes are noticeably flowery
though I don't remember them changing?
apparently they’re more flattering
or is it another sign of ageing?

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