Menopause Madness

Make this madness go away!!!!!

Strange explosions in the head
every time you lay in bed
emotions running very high
silly things that make you cry

Sweating like there’s no tomorrow
we really are In desperado
moody outbursts very snappy
manic laughter over- happy 😆

Padded up for leaky bits
despairing over saggy tits 🤷
feeling fat and very frumpy
sexy as old Humpty Dumpty

Mind goes in a foggy haze
apparently all just a phase?
panic attacks and hot hot flushes
sprouting impressive full moustaches

Embarrassing itching ‘down below’
the things us woman undergo?
thinking you’re clearly going mad
It really quickly gets that bad

Be happy that you’re still alive
we’ll get through this and will survive!!
If you can’t and you’re going off your tree
ring the doctor for HRT😻

HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy

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