The Heatwave 😱

Poor Mr.Whippy

Now I'm not usually a scaremonger
but we're about to all get frazzled
a plume is on its way to us
across the English Channel

We're now all on ‘red alert’
as lives could be in danger🎚
we've never experienced heat like this
more common to the equator

We watch the forecast in blind terror
as this red wall edges closer
the ‘wave’ is crossing the channel now
with its “blow torch” heat exposure

We've never experienced this intensity
but we'll get though it God willing
the only plus in all of this
Mr. Whippy makes a killing🍦

We buy up all the bottled water
Parasoles are all sold out
forget it if you want a fan
and there's rumours of a drought?

We always get a water whinge
when it's hot - it seems the norm
until we get those ‘flash floods’
from the inevitable thunderstorm⚡️

So.... look-out peeps keep cool and safe
and make sure you're hydrated
in two days time we're back to normal
with grey skies reinstated 🌨

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