Winter blues

Beautiful but flipping cold!!
If January wasn't depressing enough 
Its the same the following month
February is just as bad
sending us down in the dumps

After the euphoria of Christmas
with its pretty colourful lights
we go back to dreary grey
with cold wet soulless nights

As if we're not depressed enough
fogs thrown in for good measure
It really doesn't get any better
with the good old British weather

Roll on summer or even spring
with sunshine smiles and flowers
we've really had enough this year
with icy roads and showers

The watery sun is hanging low
It's lost any warmth or strength
It's a natural source of vitamin D
which benefits our health

Comeback golden currant bun
we're missing you loads and loads
I hope our cousins in Australia šŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗ
remember.... it's only on loan

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