Boris is back and he’s combed his hair!
Big and cuddly like a teddy bear 🐻
What a time to become the Country’s top man?
Trying to sort all this mess out if he can?

I love him and think he's the man for the task
My only complaint - and I ask
Please stop stuttering It unnerves me to despair
I find myself sitting on the edge of my chair

First it was Brexit before Covid 19
Not the best time I think you’d agree
So much hate spouting from the left?
Putting lives behind money to ease the debt

They have to agree more lives would be lost
You have to weigh up the outcome - and the cost
If no wages or employment, poverty would flourish
No roof over your head no food to nourish

It’s never going to be a happy ending for all
But I trust in Boris to install
the very best outcome in the bigger picture
Boris I hope you become a permanent fixture

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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