The Bird Table

Just want a rest!!!

The bird 🦅 table is for all to come and land here
But only for some now it would appear?
Little fat robins can come and dine
Blue tits and chaffinches they’re also just fine

But not a fat pigeon or big black crow
If they land he turns into someone I don’t even know?
Objects being thrown at the patio doors
Never seen this kind of behaviour before?

Arms flaying around like something possessed
When our poor feathered friend only stopped for a rest!
Shouting clapping and throwing things
The rest of us nearly jumping out of our skins!

All birds are welcome they are our guest,
can stop for a breather and have a rest
Something so innocent a bird table could bring
To unleash such pent up feelings within?

All birds are welcome to land on our table
To have a rest and drink if they’re able
To rest those weary hard working wings
Fly away for winter Come back in the spring.

Kim hicks May 2020

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