Are we being taken over by aliens?

Well, are we?
It may sound just mad, or slightly perverse
But, have we been taken over, by another universe?
I’m sorry but it’s just my own theory
I’ve never seen anything, more clearly

I’ve seen them - out there Jogging or, on bikes
With their video cameras and their mikes
They’re all tuned in to a higher force
To take over the world, by another source

They can’t take over, until their numbers swell
They’ve recruited amazon delivery 🚚 drivers as well
Some going round in Spider-Man suits
These are also, some of their recruits!

They’ve now put a DJ doing raves on a roof
How much more evidence do you need, or proof?
Masts going up - they say for 5G
But we all know - and can clearly see,

It’s not for us humans, to benefit from this
It’s the takeover plan - start of the abyss
Here on earth they’ve overtaken
And If I remember - and not mistaken,

they programmed us to obsess over toilet rolls,
part of a master plan, by their trolls
Coronavirus, Swine flu or even SARS
We all know, they really comes from Mars!

We knew they were coming and landing here soon
The signal they gave, was that massive pink moon
One thing I know and have to confess
They can’t recruit from the N.H.S 🌈

These are our saviours, which are totally immune
The rainbow’s a deterrent, with a signature tune
Captain Tom Moore now, he’s also exempt
A statue in his honour, we should try and cement

Whatever happens, it’s not looking pretty
We’ve heard the news, from professor Whitty
Not sure about him? and, his expressionless face?
He could also be another one, from outer space

There’s no easy way for this to end
So, it’s no good trying to pretend
It’s obvious to me but, you may laugh
Just look at their theories and their graphs

They took away Boris and reprogrammed his brain
They tried it on Trump but, it stayed the same 🤣
They use a secret password, we would never know
After much thought We’ve ‘cracked it’ it’s fur-low!!!
Never heard or, ever used it before
Be at your peril, if you ignore!

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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