Hibernation for the Nation

See you in the spring!! 🌻

So, looks like we’re back in lockdown again
Whatever the reason - whoever’s to blame
So, get back into your shoebox filled with straw
And wait until it’s safe to emerge once more

As much as I loved Sean Connery and Bobby Ball
Should it really have prime airtime overall?
Earthquakes in Turkey 🇹🇷 also felt in Greece 🇬🇷
Dragging out bodies and counting the deceased

people getting stabbed and decapitated
Any sense of normality has evaporated
Trump and Biden rallying like never before
Whoever wins will end in civil war

But let’s talk James Bond and ‘Rock on Tommy’
Whilst the country’s without a paddle up the swanny
Hibernation until the beginning of December
2020 will be a year we’ll certainly remember

Looking at ‘R’ rates with a confusing graph
Overpowering the hospitals and NHS staff
What good news could poor Boris possibly bring?
I’ll say goodbye now - see you next spring 🌻

Kimhicksgmail.com October 2020

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