Not just a dog

Goodnight sweetheart ❤️

Not just a dog - my best friend as well
That waggy tail, that familiar smell
part of the family and so very much loved
Those who don’t understand please don’t pre judge

You see she was with us for so many years
Her coat has soaked up rivers of tears
Always there for us, never judgmental
So comforting warm, sincere and gentle

She fought so hard to stay with us
It’s going to be so hard for us to re adjust
A piece of our hearts went with her today
We had to let her go away

Will miss your presence enormously
But we had to be brave and set you free
Couldn’t watch you suffer anymore
It pained us so much to the core

You fitted so naturally into our world
Our darling precious little girl
Who now do we talk to in a high pitched voice?
and who now will eat all the pedigree choice?

Some consolation is you’re free of pain
And one day I pray we’ll meet again
It’s true, angels come with black noses and fur
Whether they bark or whether they purr

So unfair they’re only here for a limited time
My bestest friend - my ray of sunshine ☀️
so many occasions we got to spend
Sleep tight sweetheart 💕until we meet again💕 November 2020

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