Candy Floss Moments

Fun times 💕

We don’t need to be married
to have a really good time
Places to go and things to see
me with my partner in crime

We go way back - donkeys years
sometimes we don’t even speak
We can go for ages without contact
Then meet up 3 times in a week!

We grew up in humble beginnings
Share a wicked sense of humour
what you see is what you get
no need to dust or hoover!

We now have time for anything
whatever we pick or choose
We can go to a market or local pub
Or sit in a chair and snooze 💤

Today we’ve picked the funfair
to try some scary 😧 rides 🎡
It was exhilarating and so much fun
With tears rolling from our eyes 🤣

Afterwards we caught our breath
stomach still tied up in knots
we found a quite tranquil spot
to laugh and eat candy floss

It’s the little things 💕

Kim hicks August 2021©️

Picture by Ing Look

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