The good old days

Friends were family

I remember so clearly
the neighbours in our close
that warm friendly atmosphere
it’s what I miss most

We knew everyone’s first name
It was a safe happy time
we shared so many memories
happy moments of mine

Trust was so important
the kids safe next door
your home was always open
It was a different time before

You joined together in happiness
consoled each other in grief
went on big family holidays
it was normal in our street

Loved the security of closeness
when family and neighbours were one
It would’ve been so lovely
to pass to daughters and sons

We had so much interaction
genuine salts of the earth
we didn’t realise it at the time
what friendship is worth

Yes, we had some ‘wrong uns’
who just didn’t fit the bill
but there’s one in every family
that black sheep on the hill

The kettle was always boiling
for a friendly catch-up chat
nothing remotely vindictive
only about this and that

I get out the old biscuit tin
with photos from decades ago
those memories come flooding back
from a time i used to know…


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