We’re Back!!!

Dance like nobody’s watching!!

We’re definitely NOT ready
to go over that hill
with distant thoughts and memories,
only time left to kill

We’re not just sat knitting
or, baking cakes
hoovering and dusting
and washing up plates

We’ve still got that spark
and a soul full of fire 🔥
We’re just not ready
To ‘clock out’ and retire

When we hear our song
Inhibitions disappear
We go right back in time
rolling back all those Years

The sound of the sixties
Or, a catchy tune
We’re Swaying those hips
in the living room!

We forget about it all
there’s no aches and pains
Adrenaline pumping excitement
straight through our veins

We get a bit ‘giddy’
but having soooo much fun 🤩
turn up that music 🎵
we’re definitely not yet done!!

Kim Hicks August 2021©️

Picture by Ing Look Fodelsedagskort

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