Meditation for the nation

Deep breaths

Most years hold memories to reminisce
But perhaps just for this one we’ll give it a miss
still talking of lockdowns and second waves
all because some just wouldn’t behave

Some think it’s a conspiracy just to control
Why should we worry? It’s only the old!
Some voted Brexit so should pay with their lives!
‘’We’re young and fit so we’ll all survive’’

It hasn’t been a year completely wasted
Some have reflected and meditated
Some might even welcome a second wave
So they can go back home and stay

We all have an opinion like never before
Will we ever be at peace? or be able to restore,
a way of life which we all took for granted
for which we’re all now being reprimanded

Can’t wait until this year is over and done
What could possibly go wrong in 2021?
It will be interesting that much is for sure
Bye bye 2020 - and shut the front door! November 2020

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