Wish upon a star

Be good boys and girls
Will Santa make it this Christmas
and deliver all our toys?
Will wishes and dreams be made
for little girls and boys?

Can it be true? I’ve heard
that Christmas may be cancelled 😔
No stockings to hang up this year
On the fireplace mantle

Didn’t Santa receive my letter?
listing all my dreams?
Don’t know if he’ll be travelling now,
across those wintery scenes

Don’t want anything from Amazon
Or, anything off the shelves
It has to come from Santa
His reindeer’s and his elves

It just isn’t magical
Without our traditional ways
Santa with all our presents 🎁
Piled high up on his sleigh 🛷

That sound we all recognise
Of those jingle bells o’ringing🔔
The snowmen and mistletoe
Mince pies and Carol singing

So, boys and girls close your eyes
And wish upon a star ⭐️
And Santa will do all he can
to find out where you are

He’ll do his very hardest
To make your dreams come true
So - be good 😌 for mummy or daddy
And he’ll bring some presents for you 💕

Kimhicksgmail.com November 2020

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