The Sleeping Bug

It just hits you!!!! zzzzzzzzz
The sleeping bug

You’d think once you’ve slept you’d be raring to go
But sometimes when you take it slow
You sit in your arm chair - all warm and snug
And then it just hits you! - ‘the sleeping bug!’

You try to shake it with all your might
Then it beats you - even after a fight
You feel it coming with that stifled yawn
Stay awake or sleep - you’re really torn

The choice is taken away from you
“I’ll only close my eyes for a minute or two”
The mouths dropped open - that awful snore
You wake up somebody’s at the door!

You jump Up - in a zombie state
Catch the back off your caller going through the gate
Now I’m up must get on with my tasks
“What have You been doing?” If anyone asks

Can tell how long roughly I’ve been asleep
My trusty thermostat will show how deep
touch my coffee mug - and if it’s stone cold
Must get on now - no need to be Told

So shake my head like hooch the dog
Now must catch up with my jobs
Make the house gleam - all spick and span
Stay out of that recliner - if I can!

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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