Goodnight Mum

Goodnight June ❤️

Will miss you mum, more than we could ever say
You were tired, he saw this and took you away
You’ve gone to a safe place, completely pain free,
away from worry, stress, and anxiety

You’ve gone Somewhere magical, only filled with love
on the softest cloud ⛅️ we picked from above
Please look after her, with much love and care
To know she’s arrived safely, would answer our prayer

She loved family gatherings and so loved to dance
What we would give, for just one more chance
You were our world, our guiding light 💫
Always so calm, always, so right

Can’t begin to think of our lives without you here
But, things will happen, to show you are near
You were too big a force, to disappear off this earth 🌍
There will be signs, you’ll send down, for us to search

Reunited with loved ones, over the other side🌈
Time spent together, was painfully denied
Life will be much duller, without your, humour and fun
Goodnight, until we meet again, God bless You mum ❤️

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