The Circle of Life

Let’s go round again…..

A new life is born
another is taken
It’s the circle of life
of our civilisation

It’s something we think about
from time to time
Then put it away
to the back or our minds

Some go too soon
Others too long
we can’t predict it when,
our existence is gone

It’s a lottery ticket 🎟
Which none of us want
though we carry on
Oblivious....and nonchalant

Never knowing when
our number is called
which is Just as well
“Thank the Lord!”

We look up at that sky
for that brightest star ⭐️
We’ve all done it before
whoever you are

It’s a place we’re going
though we don’t really know
If you’ve been really evil 🦹‍♀️
You’re on the floor down below👿

Will we sit on a cloud?
Playing a harp?
Or, find long lost pets
In a heavenly park? 🐾 💕

I think we should just,
carry on as we are
If we don’ would be
Ghoulishly bizarre

We have no recollection
how we arrived here before
So I’m thinking it’s not over
There’s lots more in store 😁

when that time comes
for those pearly old gates
reunited with family
and some long lost mates

When my eyes finally close
my lids final flickers
I just hope I’ve remembered
a pair of clean knickers 🤭

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