Mr. Blobby

I will get up!! When I’m ready!!

Me and my hubby sat in our chairs
Now we’ve retired - no stress or, cares
All those people going about their day
Working hard - earning their pay

We keep saying we must start a hobby
Then - I look over at Mr Blobby
There’s no way we’re moving out of our chairs
The exercise we get - well - we use the stairs!

Might have a change of heart tomorrow
As I’m texting on my Doro
If I move he shouts ‘stick the kettle on”
I didn’t move? - he must be wrong?

We think in the summer we’ll be more active
Try and make us more attractive
Lots of time to sit and reflect
Whilst watching the dust collect

We’ll wait to the summer when the days are light
Then we’ll do something - maybe, we might
Thinking about it - we don't need to worry
Can just sit outside - if it’s sunny 😎

Kim hicks February 2020©️

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