The Girl Next Door

Artificially preserved

What happened to the looks of the girl next door
Was it time out? Did she become such a bore?
We’re now in a world of bloggers and trolls
Women looking like blow up sex dolls

No movement or expressions- no laughing lines
Orange complexions - enormous behinds
Lips so swollen they can hardly talk
Brazilians and vagazzles - how DO they walk?

Perfect toned muscles you show on Facebook
Show what you eat - and how that you cook
You put pressure on yourself to be the best
Going to great parties and all the truck fests

Teeth so white they glow in the dark
To go out to work you must be up with the larks
False eyelashes and manicured nails
Eating a diet of curly kale 🥬

Social media has put you in a goldfish bowl
Your life’s on a plate - you’ve sold your soul
Sometimes its better to be more reserved
Not to attract people, artificially preserved

Kim hicks February 2020©️

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