Daffodils in the breeze

Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on Pexels.com

Daffodils swaying in the breeze
The whole country, now,is on its knees
Frightened eyes, no one talking
Hold you breath - and keep on walking

Living in a weird twilight zone
Boris said - to stay at home
The sky’s too blue, the blossoms out
Is this for real? I have my doubts

God knows how many cups of tea I’ve drank
Whilst watching the news, my heart sank
People still not listening, packed in on trains
No thoughts for others, just, personal gains

The birds are singing in happy song
I’m sure, they must have got it wrong?
People smiling but, not with their eyes 👀
Probably gone to say goodbyes

Doesn’t matter, whatever your wealth
A dangerous time for mental health
Please get in touch with people at risk
A friendly Skype and blow a kiss 😘

Keep forgetting the country’s shut down
Until I notice my dressing gown!
Don’t need to get dressed, this is plain
Will I ever wear my clothes again?

Thoughts of being ‘holed up’ filled me with sorrow
That’s just today? What about tomorrow?
Empty shops people keeping their distance
It’s hard, you need to keep resistance

Should we go out? Do you think we oughta?
We’re really are in - unchartered waters
Can’t grasp the enormity of what this will entail
Our only link outside - is receiving the mail

Need to be positive need to have hope
it’s the only way, that we can cope
So, whatever is asked of you please don’t ignore
We need to listen and STAY INDOORS!!

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