Easter yellow

Happy Easter 🐣

The weather’s getting a little bit better
not so cold - though slightly wetter
everything bursting into life
shoots and buds start to thrive

Green lush grass and colourful flowers 🌷
all brought on by April showers
A magical time to observe
Just another learning curve

It’s the time of year I feel particularly mellow
Everything new - and everything yellow
Sunshine daffodils and fluffy chics 🐥
March hares frolicking getting their kicks

So much energy and so much life
The berries on the hedgerow rife
It’s the time the earth has finally woken
The winter cycle finally broken

scented flowers - blossom on trees
Nectar forming seducing the bees 🐝
everything looking colourful and new
blustery grey skies - turning blue

We’ve had snow this time of year
it won’t last long before it’s clear
The sun rays are that much stronger
it melts away as the days draw longer

So many things why I just love this season
Not the chocolate eggs - that’s not the reason 😉
It’s the newness of everything starting to grow
It’s an annual thing but, how does it know?

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020

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