When it’s over

The light has been seen!

A strange time to be here, on planet earth
We've only just realised, what we are worth
A lottery win, would have been everyone’s dream
But in only a few weeks, the light has been seen

Wouldn't be much use now, if you did have a win
That’s the sort of strange time, we’re living in
It’s finally dawned on us, how worthless, our wealth 💰
when You’re already rich, if you have your health

How things can change, with a flick of a switch
A minor problem - a major glitch
You strive to do better - and, to get more
When in reality, you already, had it before

Let’s hope we adjust and appreciate more things
A more stable life, it hopefully brings
We might just be glad of a slower pace
Maybe the simpler things, we learn to embrace

It’s a tough time, we all have to endure
To get us out of this Coronavirus war 🦠
The relief when it’s over, when families unite
Parties and fireworks, all through the night 🎉

This virus it seems, a wake up call
A tough lesson to learn, about us all
Doesn’t really matter who is to blame
One things for certain, it won’t be the same

With much despair, dread and surprise
Listening to the obscenity, of the death toll rise
Whilst sat comfortably in my recliner
Still, think we should have a word with china 🇨🇳

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020©️

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