Lockdown week 5


Not sure what’s happening, outside anymore
Don't venture much now, past the front door
Not seeing any sign of human beings
Life has changed now, has different meanings

I now know more bird names, than ever before
know the difference in their habits, and their call
Can’t believe I've never noticed before
Now, we watch them for hours, in awe

My hair has gone a colour not familiar to me
I’m sure I’m a natural blonde - How can this be?
Face gone back to factory settings
I’m not that beaut, you thought you were getting!! 🤣

Using hand cream from Birthday’s gone by
Hands have never been, so cracked and dry
Wearing clothes with elasticated waist
Not really me or, my usual taste

Stuffing my face with food galore
Washing my hands, till they are sore
When this is over and we’re back on track
I’ll give slimming world a ring if, they’ll have me back

Friends on Facebook are running rings
Some have been doing remarkable things!
Landscaping, decorating, total rebuilds
It’s amazing how they’ve acquired these skills?

Baking cakes like you’ve never seen
Soufflés and pastries, like a dream
Paintings that would put Picasso to shame
What will we do with this new found fame?

We fully intended to be one of these marvels
Then we couldn’t think, of anything more harmful
We decided to do nothing, so we’re still in a mess
We are obviously doing our bit for the N.H.S

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020©️

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