Tokyo Rose

Tokyo Rose 🌹 

Ok, that’s it! The novelty is over
Feeling confined now in this enclosure
Chats Images computerised faces
Just not the same as warm embraces

Depression and anxiety creeping in
Self doubts and thoughts popping up within
Don’t know the ending? Nobody knows?
I’m beginning to sound a bit like Tokyo Rose!

One of the things I’m trying to grasp
Is should we now be wearing masks?
Are they saying it’s optional for you to decide
Or haven’t they got enough to provide?

But looking ahead on a lighter note
Boris has spoken,and I quote
We can relax the lockdown if we act smart
We all know the drill now 2 metres apart

We can go outside as much as we like
Keep off public transport preferably by bike
Ball games and picnic’s to enhance our existence
As long as we all keep the 2 metres distance!

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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